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Dan Reilert
A suspenseful contemporary serial murder novel, 'Benders' takes place against the steamy underworld in California amongst transgender nightclubs and the street walkers looking for money, drugs and the ultimate hustle. The unforeseen twists and turns will keep you up late turning pages.
A series of grisly murders infiltrate the complicated world of transgender nightclubs and hustlers working the streets.  This is Detective Alan Patrick's first case with the Metropolitan Task Force, working under the guidance of veteran Detective 'Gunner' Malloy.  As Alan investigates the 'ladies' of the club, he finds himself inexplicably drawn into their world. First introduced to the performers, Alan convinces himself his intrigue is solely based on his need to investigate the murders. Slowly, he begins to admit to himself, his absorption into their world might actually be based on other desires.
The task force is convinced the murders are connected to Club Paradiso though no one is prepared for the terrifying conclusion of the ultimate hustle.
Benders is a suspenseful novel following the lives of people connected through circumstances and delving into their sexuality. It is a story of revelations, love, and an in-depth dive into compassionate friendships and bonding.

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Full length novel -  75,000 words  
Recommended 18+
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Ebook - $4.99
Print - $10.99

Silver Star Best Seller in Suspense on OmniLit - ARe  
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Benders is a contemporary transgender suspense novel. It is a great read by a new author with an easy to read writing style. This novel takes the reader into the steamy underworld of hustlers and nightclubs hidden from everyday life.
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Loved this book!
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