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The Diamond Caper

Join Crystal O'Mally, lover of teen mystery novels, and about to discover the reality is a bit more involved than her dreams of intrigue and fame.
The famous Alamo diamond has been stolen, and the list of suspects grows rapidly. The mysterious newcomers vanish, strangers appear in town, and three vandalizing teenagers are added to Crystal's detective notes.
Emma, Crystal's exuberant younger sister, joins her as her sidekick, winding up knee-deep in trouble. Minx, the cute guy from school, insists on helping Crystal with her investigation. There's just one problem... Crystal doesn't want any help. She wants to solve her first real case on her own.
Along the way, Crystal gathers the frightening attention of the thieves who leave her threatening messages and unwelcome surprises. Crystal is sure she is close to discovering the culprit, if only the police would take her seriously... before the unsavory thieves commit an even more ominous crime.
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Novel - 69,500 words
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Crystal, a 15 year old girl, dreams of being a detective. She hangs out at the police station waiting for a mystery to solve. Her father is a jewelry store owner in charge of cleaning a very rare diamond from the local museum. Upon entering her father’s store one afternoon, she finds the door busted and the diamond gone. She immediately starts looking for clues. The suspects include a well-loved policeman, and also her best friend. Will she be able to find the thief and rescue her father’s reputation and business before the store closes for good? Will she stay the loner or open her mind and heart to receive help? This wonderful Young Adult mystery is an excellent read with many twists and turns, and juicy characters. I love the relationship between Crystal and her family. It shows positive aspects that sometimes don’t exist anymore, but should. It was near perfect in plot, setting, and theme. I didn’t want the story to end. I give it an A+. This e-book is available through Smashwords and Amazon.com. 
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The Diamond Caper
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